Their paws leave prints in our hearts.

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Like many artists I seek to create things of beauty that bring people joy. The animal kingdom and cats in particular are my muses, there is something about their grace of movement and the infinite variations of their markings that inspire me. Cats bring a joyful light with the warmth of their affections and a touch of intrigue to our lives.​  Looking into the eyes of a feline one can see the many mysterious thoughts they have, but we can only guess what they might actually be. 


With each piece I capture as much of that mystery and personality as I possibly can.

My heart wants to save every animal in need.  Since I can't personally save them all, I support others who do. 

I donate 10 percent of all my sales to no kill animal shelters and local TNR (trap, neuter, release) programs.


Thank you for helping me help them.

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